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Football Commentator Humour Card


Birthday Humour Greeting Card


Give them a good giggle on their special day with this hilarious birthday greeting card.

The front of this card reads: ‘As you’re mad about football I thought you might like to know the difference between what commentators say and what they actually mean…’

The inside of this card reads: ‘”A competitive player if I’ve ever seen one…” – He’s one hell of a dirty player! “A real seasoned player coming onto the pitch” – He’s old and past it! “What a loyal club player…” – Nobody else will have him! “He’s very economical with the ball” – He never gets near it! “And the great Welsh International…” – Well, this parents visited Cardiff once! “This historic ground” – This old, run down dump! “He’s like a Jigsaw…” – He falls to pieces in the box! “Highly talented but temperamental…” – He’s a right nutter! “He’s definitely a player with flair…” – He’s a bloody show off! “That can best be described as an interesting match…” – Never seen anything so boring in my life! “He’s an instinctive player…” – More luck than judgement! Happy Birthday!